Through the development of elite athletes, it become clear that DSA needed to facilitate a way to assist athletes into International programs to further their physical development and academic careers.

DSA have now assisted 30+ athletes from Europe to the US, ranging from High School to NCAA Division I, from a range of sports such as American Football, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer.

We have achieved such success due to our staff’s experience of navigating the extremely

complex paperwork and processes involved, as well as being able to put together the appropriate promotional material that is required to bring athletes to the attention of programs in the US. We have dedicated DSA staff based in the US working hard to assist the athletes on the IRP, who use their network of contacts, and are tenacious in calling coaches to get you placed.

“Thank you so much Coach K & Coach Tench from DSA for helping me achieve my dreams. I’d tried myself previously to get to the US, which didn’t work, and it wasn’t until I joined DSA-IRP that I fully understood how complex and difficult the process was. The weekly conference calls with me and my family were amazing as we always knew the progress of your interactions with programs and I knew what actions I needed to take with my paperwork. You’ve changed my life and I can’t recommend you enough.” MM

We like to be very clear in that no person can guarantee they'll get someone a scholarship. The

percentages of success increase if the athlete is of a high standard, has good grades/SAT scores and is a program player.

The most important thing is fitting the athlete with a program that suits them. Not every football program is a good one, and it’s the local knowledge we have by having US staff that separate us from the rest and make us so successful.

We appreciate it may not be possible due to location, but we prefer athletes we put forward to

train at the DSA. This allows us to evaluate the player’s abilities, educate them on topics such as

nutrition & sports psychology, and allows them to undertake US college weight & sprint programs in preparation for when they arrive in the US. No matter where you are in the UK however, you should be on the DSA-Long Distance training programs so that we can make sure you are doing the correct type of training to get you ready.

Every athlete we assist is a representation of the DSA & the European football community as a whole, so we’re selective as to whom we allow to join the program. Character is the most important attribute we look for in players who are interested in the IRP.

We’re happy to have a call with you/your family as we appreciate this is a big decision, and once you have decided to go, we’ll send you the relevant documentation and get started!

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