Too many athletes focus on physical training only and then pay no attention to what they eat and drink. Whereas other athletes think that a protein shake can replace a proper nutrition plan.

Book a consultation with our qualified Nutrition Staff so they can evaluate and optimise your nutrition to help you achieve your goal. We also do Team Workshops to provide general nutritional information/guidelines to your team.

“I hadn’t been getting the results I was expecting from my physical training, and it wasn’t until I saw one of DSA’s nutritionists that they identified significant areas for improvement, even though I thought I ate well. Within a month I felt better and saw the physical results of the change in my eating. Thanks DSA!” EK

How much?

50 minute 1-on-1 consultations are 50 GBP / 60 Euro / 70 USD (get in touch for other currencies) can be done either at our London Performance Centre or via call/Skype

Team Workshops are priced based on location/number of attendees/length of session, email your needs and we ‘ll be in touch.

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Nutrition: You Are What You Consume

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