International Recruitment Successes

DSA has placed many student-athletes to the US, ranging from NCAA Division I / II / III to NJCAA Junior College to High School. We’re extremely proud of helping many young people achieve their dreams.

We’ve had many athletes go on to professional careers in a range of sports including american football, basketball, MMA, and more.

Training Results

We have demonstrable physical results, where our 19 year olds who have trained with us for a minimum of two years measure better than the South Africa Springboks players on average in the below fitness tests:

                                                Springboks                    DSA Athletes

Vertical Leap (cm)                          62                                    70

40m sprint (sec)                             5.3                                   5.2

Max Bench Press

(divided by bodyweight)                1.30                                 1.65

Max Squat

(divided by bodyweight)                1.60                                 1.96

Most importantly 90% of our school leaver aged athletes have gone on to attend university, despite often coming from deprived backgrounds, which is three times the normal rate.

Case Studies of individual athletes results

We get incredible results due to the program planning and utilisation of the latest sports science. The below results were for athletes who rarely missed a training session, and were on our ELITE program, and therefore got nutritional advise, body composition monitoring, personalised sport psychology sessions, & video technique reviews.

Athlete 1: 19 years old when joined DSA

                                        Upon joining DSA           After 1 year

Back Squat                                80kg                            320kg

Bench Press                             100kg                           160kg

Hang Clean                                70kg                           125kg

40yard sprint                            5.10sec                        4.70sec

Athlete 2: 16 years old when joined DSA

                                        Upon joining DSA           After 2 year

Back Squat                                70kg                            260kg

Bench Press                              60kg                            125kg

Hang Clean                               40kg                            110kg

40yard sprint                            5.18sec                        4.71sec

DSA’s Results & Successes

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